As we like to use natural leathers, you will notice subtle variations in colour or texture; these are not faults but a sign of the skin’s quality. Before exposing to moisture, you can apply leather/suede protector.

Please take care as soles can become slippery in the rain.

Polished Leather

Clean with a neutral cream-based polish or a traditional coloured polish. Apply with a soft brush and polish off with another, clean soft brush. Finally, apply shine by buffing with a soft cloth.

Matt Leather

Never polish matt leather as you will make it shiny. Instead we recommend using a saddle soap to clean matt leather footwear.


Fabric cannot be cleaned in the normal way, but treating the fabric with a protector can prevent it from marking. Small marks may be removed with a damp cloth.
Take care when wearing fabric footwear in the rain as the effect could be irreversible.

Nubuck & Suede

We don’t advise using a wire brush as the stiffness of these can mark the fine skins.
If you find a small mark, try an ordinary rubber on the mark or we also recommend using a suede velour gum.
Colours can fade slightly over time.