About Varca

Varca was set up in 1999 by Marianne Pope, having fallen in love with the traditional artisan sandal of the Balearic Islands. Having spent summers on the island of Menorca for many years and embracing their culture of wearing the sandal, she found many friends were intrigued by the style when she returned to England.


The Varca sandal can be seen in most areas of Spain as is worn by all, from toddlers to grandparents, including the Spanish Royal family. The sandal originated from Menorca where they were traditionally worn by the local farmers and are locally known as ‘Abarcas’. Originally they were made using cowhide leathers and a recycled rubber sole.

Our Collection

Today our Varca sandals are still produced by a small local Menorcan family where they are hand-finished to a high quality. Our designs aim to combine the chic style of the sandal with the modern lifestyle of the British culture using the latest colours, palettes and materials. Our collection has expanded to include our Classic range with the lighter, more comfortable rubber sole, while our Rustic range combines the traditional artisan style with new prints.

Over the years, Varca has expanded to include a strong range of luxurious hand-made Italian Loafers which were again discovered on travels as well as a variety of belts, baskets and continually changing accessories.

With something suitable for everyone, our collection comes in a wide range of sizes including size 44.